We are experts in offering Project Management Services which is the core of our business. Our team consists of experienced individuals who are determined to achieve project/program success. As a small business, we serve our clients with loyalty and work for their best interest.


We assist our clients by strategically placing unique talents on the projects, and aligning their expert skills with the project/programs, which enables them to keep a very close scrutiny on the scope, time, schedule. Our goal for every project is finding best possible ways to ultimately make the best use of talent, time and budget to achieve expected results.



Due to our wealth of knowledge in the management services in engineering, construction and technology fields, we provide professional and exceptional support in various aspects of the business. We can also support your business for all your temporary needs such as administrative support, office supplies, construction site supply or rental and more.

We provide valuable and excellent service that sets us apart from other competitors as a result of our unique experience from different sectors and aspects of the industry today. Our staff are equipped with the best experience needed to get the work done to our client's satisfaction.



Our team is capable of carrying out all the required diversity outreach effort and workshops that is needed to ensure the set aside goals are met by our clients. We also manage the minority and diversity subcontracting effort and process to ensure the required compliance goal is met. 

Ultimately we aim towards providing our client with the support and help they may need with diversification resources including identifying and engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds either in the workplace or on other external projects. 



We provide career and professional development training as well as training related to software/hardware or general project related training. Our training can be carefully developed to address the specific needs of our client for personnel at any level of the organizational ladder.


IJC Systems Inc strives to provide the training and development that ensures that employees increase their effectiveness and/or refine their job skills. At the end, our goal is to prepare every individual for increases or new responsibilities and broaden their horizon as a whole.

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